How to distinguish an experienced interpreter from an amateur?


How to distinguish an experienced interpreter from an amateur?

Often we are even willing to pay a lot for good effect, but how do we know that the effect will actually be good? Here are some tips on how to recognize a professional translator or translation agency:

  1. Professional translation agency should not accept orders for rate below a certain level. If the translator agrees to a price of 15 zł per page, there is a good chance that he is inexperienced. It is very easy to get an offer of very cheap translations, however, usually those are offers made by philology students who are looking for their first job. It is difficult in this case to expect high quality.
  2. It is always worth to check if the translator or translation agency conducts legal activity. One easy way is to check whether a company presents somewhere REGON (National Business Registry Number) or NIP (Tax Identification Number) and verify it on the site of GUS (Central Statistical Office). If the translator does not have any business activity,  there is a good chance that this is a student or a young translator without experience.
  3. Professional translator should have a website, preferably on his own domain (for example without the suffix- By the way, on the basis of the quality of text on the page, we can figure out what  translation quality we can expect.

    professional translation agency
  4. Professional translation agency uses CAT tools (computer-aided translation). These are computer programs supporting translation. CAT tools do not perform work for an interpreter, but just help him a bit. They are important for greater cooperation - a long text, or if we are going to tie up with a translation agency for a long time and order numerous translations. In such situations, such programs help in consistent use of the same terms. Having CAT tools mentioned above does not indicate who is a professional translator and who is not. However, it can be assumed that a serious translation agency should be able to offer customers the execution of text using tools, so it is good to find out if this is the case.

If we are not sure about the competences of the translator, there is no need to entrust him the whole order, but just the first chapter.  On the basis of cooperation on this chapter, we can tell if  we want to give this person the whole task.